Marshmallow + Mimosa – S1E5: Moonshot Marshmallows

This week on Marshmallow + Mimosa, Winx and Adrienne are diving into their favorite genres (SFF and Horror, respectively) and discussing dealing with imperfections in projects. Speaking of imperfections, the ladies managed to record this episode on the MacBook’s built-in mic instead of their fancy audio equipment. How perfectly on-topic of them! (;一_一) Come hear discussions on the scariest book on the planet (The Shining), the best way to tell someone about that awesome dream you had, and why baby powder and obstacle course tunnels were an important part of Winx’s childhood.

YOUTUBE: Will be available soon
TWITTER: @marshmallowmosa
INSTAGRAM: @marshmallowandmimosa

Music by Peter Karman:

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