Marshmallow + Mimosa – S1E12: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

This week on Marshmallow + Mimosa, Winx and Adrienne discuss some big ch-ch-ch-changes. Adrienne is changing jobs, Winx is changing apartments, and the podcast itself is ready for a change of it’s own. Next week will be the final episode of Season 1, and the ladies are excited to announce that Season 2 will also bring with it a whole new podcast!

Marshmallow + Mimosa isn’t going anywhere, but, starting September 26, you will also be able to follow the S’more Sci-Fi Book Club podcast (there will be a new iTunes feed, but everything else will stay the same and patrons will still get early episodes). This cosmic podcast experience will feature one vintage science fiction book each month. Read along, discuss the month’s pick on Goodreads, and listen in to learn about the book’s history and impact on modern science fiction!

Main September Read: The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells

Bonus September Reads: Ray Bradbury Short stories

**If you want to read along, use the tag #smorescifi on Twitter and Instagram to post about your progress! **

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