Marshmallow + Mimosa – S1E13: Season One Wrap Up!

This week on Marshmallow + Mimosa, Winx and Adrienne are wrapping up the podcast’s first season! Tune in for an ultra cheesy episode as the ladies discuss what they loved most from Season One and what they’re most excited about for Season Two and the new S’more Sci-Fi Book Club. The winners of the Book Bath Box giveaways will be announced, and, as always, expect to be tangentially swept away by conversations about nerdery, cats, and Winx’s adorable escapades with her girlfriend.


Our giveaway winners are Juozas Kasiulis on Patreon and melizes on iTunes! We’ll be messaging you to get your information and send you your Summer Book Bath Box! 😀


We’ll be gone for a week while we prepare for the new season and new podcast. Season 2 of Marshmallow + Mimosa will start on September 20, and S’more Sci-Fi Book Club will start on September 27.

You can follow along with the S’more Sci-Fi Book Club on Goodreads!

We’ll have a new iTunes feed for the new podcast, but all other social media for it will be shared on the Marshmallow + Mimosa accounts. Patrons will also receive early episodes of both! 🙂

Main September Read: The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells

Bonus September Reads: Ray Bradbury Short stories

**If you want to read along, use the tag #smorescifi on Twitter and Instagram to post about your progress! **

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